Mopeka – The Detergent Factory specializes in the professional area of research and production of detergents, soaps, emulsifiers, shampoos, household products and auxiliary chemicals for automotive industry, based on ecological active surface agents.




Founded in 1993 with private capital, Mopeka Impex SRL has as its field of activity: research, development, production and marketing of emulsifiers, industrial detergents, household products and auxiliary chemicals for various industries, all based on ecological active surface agents.

The main concerns of the company’s staff are both the production and research as well as the continuous growth of the performance of Mopeka’s products (especially the three main brands Professionally Mopy, Mopy BIO and Mopekim) depending on the requirements of the market in general and of the customers in particular.

Mopeka Impex SRL collaborates on various themes with famous research institutes:

  • C.P.T. – Campina, Research Center for Macromolecular Materials and Membranes – Bucharest
  • National Center for Epidemiology Budapest – Hungary, ICECON S.A. – Bucharest
  • ICERP – Ploiesti, I.N.L. – Bucharest, I.S.P. – Bucharest (National Commission for Biocide Procedure)
  • S.P. “Prof. Dr. Iuliu Moldovan “- Cluj-Napoca

The company has implemented and maintains a Quality and Environmental Management System, according to SREN ISO 9001: 2008 and SREN ISO 14001: 2005, awarded by the Romanian Society for Quality Assurance – SRAC.